What General Service LLC Offers You as a World Wide Commercial Mortgage Loan Provider

Quick Response

We deal in both small and large commercial mortgage loans and solves every issue fast. We deliver credit approval within 24 hours, underwriting can be completed in 48 hours, and settlement made as quickly as ten working days from application.

Variety of Loan Programs

We do all kind of commercial loan programs, fund debt consolidation, business expansion, property refinancing and purchases or other needs.

General Services As Commercial Mortgage Loan Provider

We have the capacity to understand unusual loans and circumstances specific to your needs. As a large commercial Mortgage Broker, we know what needs to be done in making Commercial Loans, it's all we do.

We Handle All Processing!

From start to finish we handle everything, General Service really does make the process quick and easy!


Our approach towards our clients is very flexible. We do our best as a commercial Broker to help you achieve your goals.

We specialize in business loans and commercial mortgages secured by many types of real estate. We process "no income verification" loans and will understand the needs of applicants who are self-employed.

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